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About us and our team

Our beautiful planet has an abundance of inspiration.

Spark your creative nature.

Earth Art Creative Expeditions is the collaboration brought to you by a team of passionate, experienced professional artistic and photographic guides.

We enthusiastically share the belief this beautiful planet has an abundance of inspiration to spark everyone’s creative nature. Exploring the world with our artistic tours and photographic safaris will inspire your creative talents.

Our expeditions are designed to give you the best possible experience of your destination. All the details are covered meaning all you have to do is relax and enjoy the adventure.

Exceptional travel destinations and creative experiences

We love designing itineraries to fully immerse you into the nature of your expedition.

Everything from culture, history, wildlife and the natural world, we believe every craft has a story to tell – from fine art, sculpting and drawing to painting and photography.

At Earth Art Creative Expeditions, our artistic tours and photographic safaris are about you.

We look forward to helping inspire, educate and enthuse, giving you an in-depth appreciation of your creative destination.

Meet our team

Linda Howard Bittner

Linda Howard Bittner

Co-founder of Earth Art Creative Expeditions, Specialist Artistic and Photography Guide

Founder of Wild Art Safaris LLC

An “artist-adventurer”, that’s how I would describe myself in two words. Combining my passions as a professional wildlife artist, photographer/designer, naturalist, world traveller and explorer to promote all of the wonders that are available to us in this world. My goal is to bring exceptional travel opportunities to those who want more out of their experiences.

I have a unique perspective as an artist, conservationist, sportsman and humanitarian.

I have a strong passion and drive to engage with children, getting them excited about nature, science and the arts. My hope is to foster a desire in children and adults to help them look at all the possibilities they have for themselves and for our world.

I am fortunate to be a member and affiliated with the following organisations: The Explorers Club, The Guild of Natural Scientific Illustrators and the Masterworks for Nature Artist’s Guild.


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Alex Roldan

Alex Roldan

Co-founder of Earth Art Creative Expeditions, Specialist Photography Guide

An avid ethologist, with a keen passion for conservation and the natural world – that’s how I would describe myself.

I have been fortunate to have trained, qualified and subsequently worked as a professional Field Guide and Ranger in various game reserves around South Africa – including the world renowned Sabi Sands.

Intrigued by textures, light, shapes and colours; I strive to let each of my images tell a story – encapsulating the character of the subject – this is the ethos behind my photography endeavour to stay true to this vision as closely as possible with each image I capture.

One of my main goals with my work as a wildlife and nature photographer has never been for personal recognition but to highlight the plight of what remains of the natural world around us. Using my passion and understanding, I aim to show more than just a fleeting moment captured but also tell a story, bringing the image alive and giving it greater depth.


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It leaves you speechless then turns you in to a Storyteller.


We love what we do

At Earth Art Creative Expeditions we take immense pride in providing our clients with exceptional travel experiences that will spark and inspire their creativity - whether it's fine art, painting or photography. Our ethos is to give our guests a more intimate experience with their subjects and destination, making sure all the little details are covered meaning you have a fuller appreciation of the focus of your expedition.

Cultural, historical, nature and wildlife expeditions brought to you by Earth Art Creative Expeditions, part of the Wild Art Safaris LLC brand.

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Earth Art Logo White Artistic tours and photographic safaris

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