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Laura McKellar - Boston MA, USA

Laura McKellar - Boston MA, USA

South Africa - June/July 2017

Alex is the best ranger you could ask for. He always went above and beyond to ensure we saw everything we wanted. We saw the Big 5 and more in one day thanks to him. He turned a great trip into one of the best trips of my life.

Other guests at the lodge liked their rangers but said they were jealous we had Alex. After I tried other guides on the trip, I had to agree –  Alex was definitely the best. When I told friends who’d been on the same trip previously about my trip, they were blown away by everything Alex had done for us, complaining that they wish they’d had Alex too.

Logistically Alex was awesome – when we visited the local school, he ensured we brought appropriate gifts without going overboard, and without showing up empty handed. As a master coordinator, he made sure we all got to go on expeditions we wanted, despite our different hard-to-please requests. He always ensured we were safe – even saving our lives with his phenomenal driving (avoiding a near rhino/car crash, escaping from angry hippos at night).

As a photographer, he made sure we all got the best angles for great photos. I call him the “elephant whisperer” because he predicted exactly where a wild elephant herd would end up, and got us there first to get great photos.  Thanks to his leopard-seeking persistence, when all other guests had given up and were done for the day, he showed us leopards mating in the wild at night. He had a great sense of humor while treating each guest professionally, it was amazing to see how he managed such a diverse group of us at the same time.

Aside from all the amazing sights he showed us, overall it was his inspiring teaching that literally transformed my worldview. Before my trip, I didn’t care about animals and actually thought I’d get bored on safari like I do when I go to the zoo. But Alex changed all of that… the way he shared his knowledge of animals, wildlife, the rhino horn trade, and Africa was mind-blowing. I was so mesmerized every day with everything I was learning and seeing, that I didn’t want to leave.

I used to think animal lovers were a little nutty, but now I’m one of them and want to help save the rhinos before they’re extinct. Every person should go on safari at least once before they die. But to get Alex as your guide – now that’s priceless. I’ve been all over the world, but no trip transformed me like this one…. All thanks to Alex.


“Travel. It leaves you speechless then turns you in to a Storyteller”

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